Floral in Red, Green and Violet Painting

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Floral in Red, Green and Violet Painting

A few days ago, mother helped me finish the final dress. She did the sewing machine part, and I did the hand sewing portion of the doll dress. The attire had an interesting floral pattern. By sewing here and there, I was able to mess with the flow of the pattern. It was an interesting project to do with her.

I cannot say about others, but I feel myself lucky to be able to count my mother as a friend. A few days ago, I had a bit of a headache, but the reason for it turned out to be quite mundane indeed. We have been trying to live out of all the stuff we bought. We just want to avoid going to Publix and other places as all.

My only desire as of lately is to live with my family as long as possible. This is part of the reason why I am trying really hard with the book writing thing. With money, there are infinite possibilities. Some people become Batman, as for me, I just want to be able to spend more time with my family.

By family, I just refer to my brother and my mother. Everyone else is either dead or a jerk. In order to have some semblance of peace, we had to stop dealing with them all together. When a person just brings you problems, it is best to cut away with that person forever.

There are some things that cannot be helped, and some relations that are best not mended. In order for people to get along, both parties have to want to try.  Only fools try to get along with people that wish to use you as a doormat, or that have pretended that you did not exist in the first place.

If I ever happen to make it big, I can just imagine all those flies swarming about me, pretending like they had an impact or an influence in my life, pretending that they were the reason for my success. In order to influence a person, you need to have been there in the first place, and while there, you have to have been good. This is all in the past.

Time just rolls by, like sands falling on an hourglass. I do not wish excitement in my life, just the means to be able to continue to live peacefully, without having to worry about my well being, and the well being of those around me. Money is a good shield in that regards.

It is the one thing that you can count on, when push comes to shove. I suppose that is making me sound a little greedy, but only fools or monks have no need of money. I think that is enough about my pittance. I watered the plants today. The new avocado plant is looking a little bit odd around the leaves.

I think I might have over fertilized it. The new sunflower babies are doing well. They are going to get watered tomorrow. The indoor plants are not inspiring much confidence. Maybe it has something to do with the cold inside the house. We have a new air conditioner and the house is cold enough to see one’s own breath. Some plants just hate the cold as all.

We might replant them outside. I think there might be too much salt in the ground or something. I don’t know. Other than that, everything has been uneventful. I suppose I should mention this painting of mine. I wanted to do some floral. The background is golden in imitation of those old medieval paintings. I ended up pouring a little too much paint in the palette.

For this reason, I added it into the canvas in patterns. IT was better than wasting the paint. The paints I used were Liquitex, and US Art Supplies acrylics. The canvas is Arteza. Lastly, I varnished the paints with Liquitex glossy Varnish.

I hope you find this floral entertaining. I cannot seem to remember the name of the flowers, but all the ones feature in this painting are real. They are based on photos I saw on the internet. Well, I best be going to sleep by now. I barely find any time to work on my novels as of lately.

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