Gedeo Pouring Art Pink and Gold Using STMT Craft Supplies

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Gedeo Pouring Art Pink and Gold Using STMT Craft Supplies

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Today, I wanted to show you a resin artwork that I made. I made this artwork in order to showcase the powers of some the craft supplies I got in the mail.

It was an influencer type of project. The Gedeo painting I made it for STMT. This was the first time I had ever worked with resin.

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I read up the instructions. I mixed my paints and resin in a little bottle. Once I was satisfied with the mix, I started with the underpainting.

The instructions told me that I should underpaint the resin artwork. Once I got the hues that I liked, I added the colored resin.

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The resin had a consistency very similar to acrylic pouring paintings. So, I was able to manipulate the paint in order to create interesting patterns.

The final thing that I added where the glass shards and the glitter. Everything always looks better with glitter.

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I took photographs of the wet and dry version of the artwork. You can observe how the paints and resin changed as the dry.

The color shift was minimal. Almost nonexistent. This is useful because artists do not like it when the paint changes too much, when it dries.

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I left the painting outside in my porch for almost an entire week. Resin requires a decent amount of time to fully cure. You can handle the resin after a day.

To avoid scratches, it is best to handle the artwork when it truly fully cures. Paint dries, while resin cures. Both terms represent roughly the same idea.

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The painting is finished when it dries, while resin artworks are concluded once the resin gets cured. I have a video of how I made this artwork.

You can see it in both my Youtube and Tiktok. The finished product speaks for itself.

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If you follow the instructions, you can easily make your own Gedeo resin art. My name is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, bye and God bless. Here is were to get the craft set I used: STMT D.I.Y. Geode Canvas Set, Contemporary Resin Activity Kit, Design Your Own Geometric Wall Art Decor, Unique Pour Paint Kit, Perfect DIY Home Decor Kit, Great Housewarming Gift, Multi, One Size : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

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