Graphic Novel Reviews:  Contract with God, Anya's Ghost and More

Graphic Novel Reviews: Contract with God, Anya's Ghost and More

 A Contract with God Comic Review

This is one of many important comics made by the artist named Will Eisner. He continued to produce comics well into his old age. He was still drawing when he died in 2005.

The American cartoonist has been publishing works since 1978. This comic focuses on tenements living in New York City. Every so often, the comic starts with a new story.

The comic is relatively thick. All in all, it has 4 standalone stories and a few mini skits. Each story shows a different aspect of the city. The sketches have a sepia look to it.

He made this comic have debt because he wanted to sell it in traditional bookstores. In a sense, he sought to raise comic books to the level of literature. With this comic, he got away with it.

Anya’s Ghost Comic Review

This is one of those strange high school comics that I found in FIU’s library for some reason. One day, people started ordering comics and mangas like crazy into the university.

These days there is a sizable collection of comics, almost two bookshelves. One is found in Biscayne Bay, in the second floor. The other is in the second floor of the Library, facing the reference books.

This could have changed since the last time I was there. Anyhow, Anya’s Ghost is about a teen girl dealing with peer pressure. The comic was made by Vera Brosgol.

It is about a Russian immigrant named Annushka Borzakovskaya. She is not well liked in her New England private school. As such, she develops the bad habit of skipping class.

One day, she falls through a dry well and finds a human skeleton beside her. The skeleton manifests in the form of a ghost named Emily. She too had fallen from the dry well and had died after breaking her neck.

Anya takes some of Emily’s remains to take the ghost home with her. The two girls develop a sort of friendship. The comic was amusing.

I Kill Giants Comic Review

This is another one of those strange comics that has made its way toward FIU. I first saw the comic while working at the library.

At the time, I was in charge of processing new books and putting them on circulation. This gave me first dips on whatever cool item passed my way. That was more than 4 years ago.

Anyhow, this American comic is about a little girl who plays pretend. Her behavior is akin to Don Quixote. And like that fellow knight, she gets picked a lot in school.

Part of her problem stems from the difficult situation she is having at home. She lives in her fantasy world to avoid facing the horrible truth. The way the comic is drawn is pretty neat. I recommend it.

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Pretty Deadly Graphic Novel Review

This is one of those short graphic novels, which are artsy and cool. Pretty Deadly is about the daughter of Death. It is also one of those Western comics.

Pretty Deadly keeps you interested with the lore and imagery. The story starts with a little girl dressed like a crow.

She makes her money telling a story from town to town. Her story is a legend about the daughter of death. The first few pages are more of the prologue. Somewhere along the middle, there is another flashback that explains the reset.

Basically, a guy named Mason marries his childhood sweetheart. They used to be happy together, until his jealousy gets the better of him.

He locks his wife away in a tower because he did not want other men to look upon her. The wife despairs and kills herself. When Death comes to take her, he falls in love with her.

She ends up giving him a daughter. In exchange, Death finally kills her. The rest of the comic focuses on the problems between Death, his daughter and the little crow girl.

Coraline Graphic Novel Review

I ran into the graphic novel Coraline while working in the Library. At the time, I was under the impression that it was just another really bad stop motion kid’s movie.

The original comic was better than the movie. The drawings were pretty neat as well. It was about a girl moving to a new home with her father. She is lonely because her parents work all the time.

One day, she makes the mistake of entering a door that was bricked shut. When she was alone, she was able to pass through it. From the other side of the door, she discovers a parallel world.

The only difference is that her parents are into her, and they have buttons for eyes. The story gets much darker as Coraline interacts with her Other mother. I recommend the comic.

Scarlet Graphic Novel Review

Scarlet is one of those graphic novels were the protagonist talks to the viewer. It tends to flow like a bad reality TV show. It did have its moments here and there. The style it was done was bizarre.

The series only has 10 issues. I only bothered to read one. It had been ordered in FIU. It is a wonder why this comic is considered university worthy.

Anyhow, the graphic novel starts with her telling her life story. It is a bit like Deadpool in this regard. The issue is that its attempt at humor is the only thing that’s laughable about the comic. T

he comic focuses on Scarlet rising up against a corrupt government. It was all hilarious till it reminded me of something annoying. The manga is more or less readable. It is best to read when you have absolutely nothing better to do.

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