Great Arcane Lake Background for My Planetary Magic

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Great Arcane Lake Background for My Planetary Magic

Last week, I made a new doll video. I worked really hard on the background. I wanted to make it about planetary magic. The background will also serve as the night scenes for the doll video.

I will then change the foreground in order to take the dolls to different places. The painting was made in a project board. They are all like super cheap right now because school is closed.

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No kid is working on a science project right now. I bought about 4 in order to make the backgrounds for my doll videos. I spent about 10 bucks on the set of 4 boards.

The first thing I did was prep the project board with a bit of gesso. It prevented the paint from sinking into the cardboard. I then added the first layer of paint. I did the blue bottom lake like.

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I then drew circles on the cardboard. I painted around the circles I drew with a pencil. I then painted the stars. I used a toothbrush to spray the stars. I first did the white stars, followed by the blue and the red stars.

Stars come in blue and red, as well. I don’t remember seeing any green stars in the night sky. With the stars concluded, I went to paint the moon.

artsy sister, space art, mars

For the meteors marks on the moon, I used some of the star splashes that ended up landing on the moon. I then glazed the golden colors over the moon. I like the moon the color of gold.

It reminds me of the cheese. In the old times, they used to say the moon was made of cheese. I spent a good amount of time developing the moon. I then did the other planets.

Venus came out a little bit bland, and I also did not like how I painted Uranus. The rest of the planets came out pretty great. I specially like how I painted the red planet, Mars.

It marked the middle of the video. In this blog, I also included the video I made. It was an interesting project. It took quite a while to make the video.

A good portion was spent in me thinking how to make the doll fly on her broom. In the end, I just laid her flat on the background in order to animate her. I hope you find this video quite amusing. Bye, bye and God Bless.

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