Group BJD Doll Photos

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Group BJD Doll Photos

I was thinking of taking new doll photos. I recently made a little short video telling folks about what I like about BJD dolls.

artsy sister, teresita blanco, bjd doll photos

You can see it in the Youtube. Moving along, this blog focuses more on my dolly photographs.

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I wanted to take photos with the new backgrounds. With photos, I focus more on the angles. Stop motion is a little bit harder to manage.

artsy sister, acrylic painting, ringdoll bjd

At least with photos, I can get a little bit creative with the character arrangement. Most dolls cannot slowly transition from one pose to another.

 artsy sister, bjd dolls, fashion dolls

My Ashley is specially uncooperative. The elastics seems a little bit tense. She tends to move on her own often.

 artsy sister, bjd dolls, fashion dolls

I blame it on the tension of the elastics. It is at least a more, mundane explanation.

 artsy sister, teresita blanco, handmade dolls

She could be violating the Toy Story rules. I suppose Ball Jointed Dolls are a little bit livelier than your average doll.

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I am just messing around as all. It is fun to imagine that dolls could be a little bit alive.

artsy sister, bjd dolls, handmade dolls

Today, I was trying to do some fun group photos. I also did a couple of monochromatic photos.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, rosenlied bjd

I used a few props, here and there. I even photographed the new bike I got for the dolls.

artsy sister, silly dolls, dolly photos

The bike I found in a Burlington. Weird stuff pop up there from time to time. The bicycle was only 15 bucks.

 artsy sister, bjd doll photos, palm reading

The decorative bike was big enough for my tallest doll to ride. I thought would look quite amusing. I don’t have a lot of props to work with.

 artsy sister, bjd doll photos, cute toys

All I have are 5 nice looking bjd dolls, and some silly backgrounds. I paint all my backgrounds. The last few backgrounds took a bit of time to paint.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, doll photos

The new book is progressing well. I have about two chapters. The plants from time to time produce some tomatoes and bell peppers.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, doll chateau bjd

The front garden is also looking decent. The weather looks nice as well.

 artsy sister, handmade dolls, dolls praying

Not too cold, not too hot. On the meantime, I sit here, waiting for the new doll to arrive.

 artsy sister, doll feet, teresita blanco

I got myself a nice ballerina doll. It is still being made.

artsy sister, bjd dolls, handmade dolls

It is a Dollmore Ballet Kid, known as Ha Seol.

artsy sister, cute dollies, handmade dolls

I originally wanted the Black Swan, but it ran out by the time I had the budget to buy the doll.

 artsy sister, handmade dolls, cute

The white swan works just fine. Ha Seol ,or Odette is my first pre-order doll.

 artsy sister, handmade dolls, bjd dolls

Now, I am playing the waiting game.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, ringdoll tang ge

Depending on this year’s profit margin, she might be both my birthday and my Christmas doll.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, original dolls

If I had some patience and a bigger surplus, I might pre-order a Doll chateau doll.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, original bjd

I have been eyeing the Susan dolly. She looks fun, with her sad dogged, face. I also like the little ant dolls.

artsy sister, original photo, doll photos

I like ants, they remind me of the Hollow Knight. The doll theater thing is progressing rather well.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, bjd dolls

I try my best to keep the skits, funny and original. Most of the topics of lately have been a bit mundane, and somewhat relatable.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, fashion dolls

I try hard not to repeat myself. I think this is about it as far as my nonsense is concerned. The photos were taken with my old Fujifilm Finepix S1 camera.

artsy sister dolls, handmade dolls, doll photos

The camera can take 4600 by 3400 photos. It has served me rather well these part 5 years. The landscape was painted on a project board, with acrylics.

artsy sister, handmade dolls, doll collection

The doll brands are Ucanaan, Doll Chateau, Ringdoll and Rosenlied. I hope you find this information amusing. This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister, writer, and mangaka artist.

 artsy sister, fashion dolls, doll chateau

I do a lot of stuff with my time. I took about 30 photos. I also embed the video were I rant for 6 minutes about what I like about ball jointed dolls. I hope you find it amusing. 


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