Guillaume Seignac French Academic Painter 1870–1924

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Guillaume Seignac French Academic Painter 1870–1924

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Guillaume Seignac was a french classical painter. When everyone was doing impressionism, he submitted Greek classical works. He made his fame in the Salon of the Venuses. In that art exposition, everyone , for some odd reason, submitted Venus paintings. His Venus was highly praised and it even won an award. It set his career for life.

I think that is everything worth mentioning. I will now review Guillaume Seignac Cupid's paintings.  The first painting shows "Cupid and Psyche". Cupid is hugging his cute wife. Both are in the forest. Psyche's smiling face came out really cute. The figures have a healthy blend of realism and idealism. The scenery too is realistic.  

In this painting, we see Cupid's Folly. The depiction of folly usually showed a young man acting like a fool. As such, here we see Cupid ridding a maiden like a horse. He is whipping her with flowers. This is a representation of an unhealthy kind of love. The kind of love that makes an man act like a fool.

This painting shows Psyche waking up alone. Her bed is decorated with flowers. Her Cupid always left flowers for her before he departed. Her form is really pretty. The way she is stretching is quite realistic. Her entire figure dominates the entire painting.

This painting depicts innocence. The girl is simply there in the forest. She is not aware that a Cupid is about to strike her with his love arrow. The girl has a very coy, innocent look. She has never been with a man. Her pose implies that she is about to loose her innocence. This is further emphasized by the Cupid with the arrow, glaring at the viewer. This painting was made with the idea of a male audience. 

This painting is about the love. It shows how love is entering the woman's heart. Behind her, we see two Cupids. Meanwhile, the girl has her hand to her heart. She has just been struck by Cupid. The scenery is quite realistic. 

This last painting shows a Nymph with two Cupids. Her short red hair is really cute. The scenery in the background works pretty well.I think that is everything worth mentioning. I have more Guillaume Seignac paintings reviews planned for the near future.

During those Days, Venus was painted coming out of the wave that gave life to her. Thus, most paintings during those days about the Birth of Venus were called "The Wave". As such, we see painting 3 about the Wave. Venus's expression is very silly. 

Above, we see a cute genre painting. It shows several women getting water from the well. They have been performing that task since the time of Abraham. It is a bummer how that task was given to women.

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