Happy Labor Day from Teresita Blanco the Artsy Sister

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Happy Labor Day from Teresita Blanco the Artsy Sister

Today, I got back from a mini vacation with my family. We went to the Eden Roc in Miami Beach.

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With a skeleton staff, it was passable at best. At least the rooms were cheap.

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We ended up not getting our room cleaned once while we stayed there. The amenities were all fine and dandy. The TV had HBO, and we saw a lot of terrible movies.

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The only decent movie was The Last Unicorn.  The beds were cruel mistresses. We ended up going home early because of them.

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When the bedsheets are sturdier than the pillows, then you know we have a problem.

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Another reason for departing was that we got like a super bad feeling. We got a Flood warning, and then a day earlier it notified people of a curfew. When we got the flood warning, we decided to head home.

Miami Beach floods even without rain. Since it has slat water, we wanted to protect the car. There is a whole stupid documentary about Miami Beach flooding and everything.

Anyhow, since I was bored of sleeping on a terrible bed we went home. When we got there, it was a good thing. We spent like the rest of the night dealing with the problem.

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My feet were like super sore by the time I decided to call it quits. Now for the good stuff. We swam in the hotel pool, and it was amassing. Mother and brother went down to the beach which was a couple of footsteps away.

They say they saw a lot of tiny fishes. While they went to the beach, I played catch with some random people in the pool. When they left, I swam laps on the pool.

I had not swam in the pool since we uninstalled our own pool cause it was turning into a money pit. Aside from going to the pool, we went to Manolo. Brother person chose the better dessert.

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He ate a caramel, coconut pie. It was to die for. The food was also nice, as well, specially the coffee. I am not a coffee drinker, but mom and bro are. They both had two cups of coffee.

I had a great strawberry milkshake. I did not bring the camera cause I just wanted to unwind as all and I did. I was so chill that I did not mind the problem waiting for us when we got home.

I think this is enough on my nonsense. I hope you are having a great Labor Day Monday. Even if you did not travel far, I hope you have at least some good company at home in whatever shape or form they may be.

The vacation did me good. I was a bit burn out on everything, really. I took a few photos on the first day, and not any in the second day. Here are just a few of the photos I took. I hope you find them amusing.

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