Hollow Knight Thanksgiving Norman Rockwell Fanart

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Hollow Knight Thanksgiving Norman Rockwell Fanart

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I made a new Hollow Knight fanart. This one is for Thanksgiving. I went for a comedic effect. Instead of a Turkey, they are going to eat a roasted Grub.

Behind the collector, there is the Grub father. Of course, you could say that they are going to eat a mimic.

 artsy sister, hollow knight, fanart

Mimics tend to pretend to be little Grubs. They only show their true colors when they attack. After they die, their corpses resemble little grubs.

So, this is another way you can interpret the drawing. If only to give you peace of mind. The other important food at the table is the Rancid Eggs.

 artsy sister, hollow knight, fanart

I just thought that it would complete the look of the drawing. The main joke is the Grub father and the collector.

The rest was just filling the table with guests. It is a good thing that the Hollow Knight characters have such unique heads.

 artsy sister, hollow knight, thanksgiving

It makes it easy for this type of Norman Rockwell fanart. The painting that I am referencing is called Freedom from Want.

It shows an all-American Thanksgiving celebration. Since there were a lot of characters to draw, it took a while to make this fanart.

I hope you find it amusing. My name is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, bye and God bless.

 artsy sister, hollow knight, fanart

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