Ink Art: Wine and Cupid Arrow Valentine’s Day

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Ink Art: Wine and Cupid Arrow Valentine’s Day

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artsy sister, ink, painting

This is the last set of Valentine’s day themed ink art. I usually do these paintings on Wednesday.

Since Valentine’s day falls outside that day, then there is no point in making new ones.

 artsy sister, ink, painting

I used my round paper this time. This posed its own unique set of challenges. Round paper doesn’t have any edges.

So, the painting must remain in the middle. I used pixiss ink and paper. You can get the art supplies I used here in Artsy Sister’s Choice collection.

 artsy sister, cute, adorable

You can find that collection in my home page. I am going to talk about the paintings in specific.

The first one features two wine glasses clicking. On top, there is a red heart. I painted the background first.

 artsy sister, cute, painting

I added the silver and wine last. The wine and the heart ended looking a bit rotten.

The green that I used was a tad too strong. So, it just blended with the red ink. It still looks fine.

 artsy sister, ink, painting

The second painting features Cupid’s bow and arrow. It is as romantic as it gets.

 artsy sister, ink, painting

I hope that it makes you smile. Like before, I did the warm color first.

 artsy sister, painting, cute

I then used the metallic paints to draw the bow and arrow.

 artsy sister, painting, ink

I think it came out alright.

 artsy sister, painting, bow and arrow

There is also a Youtube and Tiktok video of my artwork.

 artsy sister, painting, ink

My name is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, bye and God bless.

 artsy sister, painting, ink

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