Last Bird Dresses

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Last Bird Dresses

This is just about all the bird related dresses I am willing to share. I will eventually make a fancy coffee table book featuring them. Look forward to this little project of mine. I finally got around to publishing my book Monkey King. He is not the monkey king. Rather, his people call him that. His real name is Able. He is called so, because he is able to do many things.

The purpose of this book is the make monkeys cool again. The only monkeys I do not like are the common humans. They have been rather boring as of late. In part because, there is only like 5 different variants of them. They look too similar to one another and that is boring. Sameness is always very boring. Then again, I can make a long list of many different things that I find boring.

As of lately, I am bored of going outside. I just do not want to go out. I find my home rather comfortable. Most people only go outside because they cannot stand homelife. My mother is worried about losing her job. Then again, she is always worried about that. She has been thinking of it, ever since she started. People in her work just bully her as all.

It has become a matter of stubbornness as things stand. I do not know why people are so mean to her, she is just a nice person. I do not say this because we are related. I have plenty of other relations I do not speak to. I will not go into detail about it. It is just mean to say bad things of others behind their back. The right thing to do is to say it to their face.

Still, as my grandma once said, “Silence is golden”. I tend to follow this to heart. I am usually quiet most of the time. I prefer the whole writing thing. I can just delete things, if I change my mind. I cannot do the same with spoken words. Most people do not give much thought to the things they say or write. Then again, most people do not give much thought to anything.

There is a bit of a blissful aspect about it. I was thinking a bit about the whole taking the world deal. In a writer’s group in Facebook, they were talking junk about it. I think that mentality is what is wrong with the world. People have their own flavors of life. To force everyone to live the same way is the true nature of World Domination. Sure, there would still be wars. The only problem is that there would not be anywhere left to hide.

This is just all nonsense talk. All who have tried the whole talking over the world deal have been terrible people. This is enough nonsense for now. The photo here features two more of my dresses. It will be the last one I will feature for a while. If I do return to it, it will be to feature marine themed dresses.

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