Maiden and Cubism Figure Playing Chess Acrylic Painting

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Maiden and Cubism Figure Playing Chess Acrylic Painting

This is going to be the last acrylic painting I am going to showcase for quite a bit. I have been focusing a bit more on the cat book and my new Stop Motion Youtube series. It is a nice change of pace as all. For that reason, I don’t have time to make a new acrylic painting.

The only missing item is the Canvas. I could make some watercolor paintings. I still have a bit of watercolor paper. Most of my paintings tend to be a bit serial based. I am always trying to build up on an original idea. This one is the second painting that features these two characters.

In the first painting, the Cubism figure was trying to force the realist maiden to change form. In this one, they are trying to be civil about their points in a game of chess. It is possible to try to be civil about nonsense.

Though truth be told, it is always the well intentioned douche who wants to force his way of living onto others, as if they had all the answers. Most people like to feel so superior and high minded. This attitude makes it easier to hate one’s fellow man.

And from hate, it is just another step towards violence. Then again, none of this matters to me in the long scheme of things as of lately. I just want to save enough money for my old age so that I don’t have to depend on the bitter bread of charity, as all. This is just about all my long term goals for my life.

I don’t hope or expect anything else from the world, but I am not going to bore you with that nonsense. As for the painting itself, it was made with acrylics. I used Liquitex mainly. The canvas was Arteza. The set of canvases I got from the company were good for my bucks.

At the end of the painting, I added a coat of Glossy Varnish. The painting did not have any gimmicky effects. The only special paint came in the form of the black I used for the cubist side. It had an iridescent, metallic sheen to it. I hope you find this information useful for your artsy projects.

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