Margot Robbie Barbie Doll Photoshoot

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Margot Robbie Barbie Doll Photoshoot

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My brother was shopping for a new SD card when he saw this Barbie.

artsy sister, barbie, margot robbie

He knew that I liked the movie so he bought her for me.

 artsy sister, barbie, doll

I am always a bit squeamish when buying things for myself.

 artsy sister, barbie, cute

With the uncertainties revolving my current situation, my doll spending has been reduced to zero.

 artsy sister, barbie, dolls

It is for this reason that my brother bought me this doll without telling me. He wanted to put a smile on my face.

 artsy sister, barbie, poses

And he succeeded in this department. This is the first Barbie I have owned in ages.

 artsy sister, kawaii, cute

I left the bulk of them in the old country. I wasn’t able to take my toys with me.

 artsy sister, margot robbie, barbie

We were only able to pack the bare essentials. It was only recently that I got into buying dolls. First, I started with BJD Dolls.

 artsy sister, doll, cute

The LOL Dolls and this Barbie I got as a thoughtful present. As soon as I got my Barbie, I decided to put her to work.

 artsy sister, barbie, barbie movie

This is her first official photoshoot. I was testing out the flexibility of her limbs. She has nice sturdy limbs.

 artsy sister, barbie, dolls

She is able to maintain a pose easily. Her legs do not bend up so much. Still, I am able to work around it.

 artsy sister, barbie, dolls

The outfit has a nice flowy feel to it. I took standing, sitting, lying down and portrait photographs of my new Barbie.

 artsy sister, barbie, resting

She is quite the photogenic doll. The first thing I did was arrange the set. I chose a simple checkerboard pattern for the floor and a white fan for the main background.

 artsy sister, barbie, dolls

I also used a mirror prop, as well as a small miniature background set. I added two Greek vase.

 artsy sister, barbie, dolls

With everything in place, all that was left was for me to take photos of the cute Barbie. This was quite the interesting first attempt.

 artsy sister, barbie, dolls

Her blonde hair has an interesting texture to it. It is not silky straight. Then again, Barbies are meant to be wrapped in plastic.

 artsy sister, barbie, dolls

It was a total pain to get her out of the box. With some luck, this Barbie will not end up like weird Barbie.

 artsy sister, barbie, photos

After the photoshoot, I got my Barbie to try on some of the outfits belonging to my bjd dolls.

 artsy sister, barbie, pink dress

She happened to be the same dress size as my 1/6 bjd dolls. She is a tad skinnier, but nothing that a ribbon around her waist cannot fix.

 artsy sister, barbie, dolls

It is convenient that my Barbie is the same size as my bjd dolls.

artsy sister, barbie, dolls

It saves me the trouble of having to buy outfits specifically for her.

 artsy sister, barbie, dolls

I think I ranted enough about Barbie. I took 24 photos of the new doll in total.

 artsy sister, barbie, kawaii

I hope you find these photographs amusing. My name is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, bye and God bless.

 artsy sister, barbie, cute kawaii

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