Meditation on Roses

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Meditation on Roses

The world lately has gotten a little bit crazy. This is why it is so important to tune it out. I am not a person of money or influence. As such, there is really nothing I can do about the problems of the world. I cannot even managed by own little ordinary world. It worries me a bit to see my poor mother taking things so seriously.

The world was somewhat normal today, in the house and then, it was not. People can be so evil to one another over pointless, stupid things. This is why I am not a big believer in fighting for what you believe in. Most of the world problems come from people fighting for what they stand for.

When beliefs are contrary to one another, conflicts are bound to arise. This is why I think that any belief that is not accommodating should be wiped off the face of the Earth. It is a good thing I do not have a big red button. I do not feel like I am the adequate type of person to make big decisions about anything.

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I just want things to be solved quickly, so that things can return to being peaceful and quiet. There is nothing I like better than peace and quiet. This is why I lately have become a plant person. They are quiet and relatively peaceful. My biggest concern is whether I started the new book too soon, or whether I should have some semblance of a plan.

There just doesn’t seem to be any direction in the plot. I suppose lacking any sense of direction could be a key plot point. It is ideal for someone who has lost their sense of purpose. Other than being alive, I do not feel like my life matters to anyone, aside from my mother and brother.

The world beyond my fence doesn’t feel real to me, you know. Even when writing this, it is more for myself, than anything. I do not believe anyone is reading this, or taking it in earnest. This is what allows me to be so candid. Well, this is enough of my nonsense.

The blog does seem to have some length. I hope you like the silly rose photos. I hope that you find them relaxing. I would hang out in the garden more, but the mosquitoes are always waiting for me every time I head outside. I suppose there are some things that cannot be helped.

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