Mini Canvases Acrylic Pouring Paintings

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Mini Canvases Acrylic Pouring Paintings

artsy sister, acrylic painting, pouring paints

For the last month, I have been working a bit on my pouring paintings. I had already some pre mixed pouring paints.

 artsy sister, acrylic painting, pouring paints

Still, the paints said you needed to get some medium into them. The medium everyone online kept pointing to was floetrol.

 artsy sister, acrylic pouring, pouring medium

I got myself a bottle of it to try it out. I can easily say that it was not my cup of tea. It had a compatibility issue with all my paints.

 artsy sister, acrylic painting, acrylic pouring

This sucked considering the fact that I had plenty of paints to choose from. I tend to get from a bunch of different companies, all featured in my artsy store.

 artsy sister, acrylic painting, gift ideas

If you want specifics, I will mention Winsor and Newton, US Art supplies, Mont Marte and Liquitex. It had the worse synergy with Liquitex.

 artsy sister, acrylic painting, acrylic pouring

It barely worked for Winsor and Newton and it had meh effects with the US Art Supplies paints.

artsy sister, acrylic painting, paintings

To cover all the basics, I also got myself some Mont Marte pouring medium.

artsy sister, acrylic pouring, pouring paints

It was nothing too far out there. It was just the combination of glue that is so popular online, but already in the measured amounts.

artsy sister, acrylic painting, paintings

I only needed to add enough paint to color the medium the way I wanted. The truth of the matter was that I was looking for a cheaper alternative to Liquitex.

 artsy sister, acrylic painting, pouring painting

Anyhow, the one that worked best for me for the budget was Mont Marte. It combined well with US Art Supply paint oil.

artsy sister, acrylic painting, professional paints

I wanted to create a couple of cells in the painting. I do not have a torch to make fancy works. I could get a torch, but I am afraid of fire.

artsy sister, acrylic painting, cute paints

Another thing that bothered me about Floetrol was the smell of it. I ended up needing a mask to work with it. I don’t have a studio or a dedicated bedroom to paint. I paint in the same table that the family eats.

 artsy sister, acrylic painting, pouring paints

When I am done, I put everything away. The other acrylic mediums I used did not have the smell issue. Painters should always mind the smell. There was a painter person that I know.

artsy sister, acrylic pouring, liquitex pouring

His daughter had her bedroom next to his studio, and she was always hanging out there. She got like super sick cause of the paint fumes. Even when paints appear to be dry, they sill release fumes for about two days.

artsy sister, acrylic painting, pouring paints

Heck, I have even noticed that watercolors have similar fume problems. It is most common in the Ultramarine paints. For some reason, all the variants I have used have that smell.

artsy sister, acrylic painting, paintings

The long and short of it is that I got scared of the fumes and now I wear a paint mask all the time. It is always better to be safe than sorry. I need to look after my lungs, and my other healthy stuff.

artsy sister, acrylic paints, pouring paints

I know that most paints are said to be lead free, but you never know. Once you start seeing butterflies, then you know you are royally screwed. This point aside I want to mention the paints I prepared.

artsy sister, pouring paints, liquitex pouring

With the little bit of pouring medium I got, I was able to make plenty of pouring paints. The best results came from my Winsor and Newton Galeria paints and my Liquitex Heavy Body paints.

 artsy sister, acrylic painting, pouring paints

Both where highly pigmented. Still, money wise Winsor and Newton is the better option. It is just a larger tube, twice the bits as all. I have been using the same paint tube for months, and I still have plenty to work with.

 artsy sister, acrylic pouring, liquitex paints

The canvases I used where nothing special. I was just looking to see how low I could go in size of canvas. I think 3 by 3 is already pushing it. Anything smaller makes the resolution too low.

artsy sister, acrylic painting, oil paints

As far as pouring painting is concerned, I am still learning. A good chuck of the paintings did not inspire me too much confidence as all.

artsy sister, pouring paints, artsy paints

There were even times when the paints where still wet and I ended up touching the middle of the canvas. It was then when I had to fix it around the edges. Visually, it will be obvious in the few times this accident occurred.

artsy sister, acrylic paintings, pouring paints

As before, the paintings looked best when wet. I tried to take the good photos during the few times when the glare was not too strong. The color shift created by floetrol was a little too strong.

artsy sister, pouring paints, acrylic liquitex

It just gave the final version of the paints somewhat of a dead dog type of look. It was just not my thing as all. Then again, the thing was not designed for normal acrylic pouring types of paintings.

artsy sister, acrylic paintings, paintings

So, if your budget allows get the professional stuff. If it does not, then go for Mont Marte. It has the proper consistency to transmute any type of paint or pigment into a true pouring paint. As for the styles of the paintings themselves, I tried following some online tutorials.

 artsy sister, pouring paints, acrylic paints

At other times, I was just trying out random nonsense. I was attempting the swipe thing. I tried both plastic and paper towels. I also used a syringe to pour into the tiny canvases. I think this is enough on my nonsense.

artsy sister, pouring paints, acrylic paintings

I am going to post all the little pouring paintings that I made so far into a really long blog. I hope you find these pictures amusing. Aside from pouring paintings, we have been trying to get back into the stock market.

artsy sister, acrylic painting, acrylic pouring

We get spooked and we flee, and then we come back later. We need to grow our market balls. I blame this issue on all the negative press. It distracts from the numbers.

artsy sister, acrylic paints, cute paints

Regardless of all the smoke screen of the press, the numbers eventually add up. On the third is also my birthday. If the world allows, I am going to a nice restaurant. Mother is scared of getting sick again cause of that one douche with the blonde hair. I am not too worried about him cause of the time machine.

artsy sister, acrylic painting, acrylic pouring

If Terminator Dark Fate taught me something is that the guy with the time machine always wins, eventually. So, always bet on the Terminator, this is what I think anyway. Aside from the family being spooked as all, my silly doll is on her way. She is wee tiny and small.

 artsy sister, acrylic painting, pouring paints

I might make an unboxing video. People online like those types of videos, so I might as well go for it. Last year was a good year. Nothing too crazy happened, and it was great.

artsy sister, acrylic paints, pouring paint

I wish the world would chill so commerce could resume and we could go back to jolly cooperation. On another news, I am like 90 percent done with the next volume of Scary Cat. You can look forward to that. Aside from Scary Cat, the new Doll Theater Episode is halfway done.

artsy sister, pouring paints, acrylic paints

The photos were already taken. All that is left is the buffering, the music and the voices. It is the second half that takes the longest. It might be up next week. The highlight of the video is a wig malfunction. Normally when that occurs people just through the doll out the window, before starting the video all over again.

artsy sister, pouring paints, acrylic paints

I took the highroad and turned the wig falling off into a joke. You can look forward to it. So, when you see the video keep an eye on the wig, cause it is going to be funny.

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