Mountains and Interior Backgrounds for Doll Theater

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Mountains and Interior Backgrounds for Doll Theater

I made some new backgrounds for doll theater. I finally used my last project board. I need to come up with a funny skit for my Wednesday episode.

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I do not even know why I do the episodes on a Wednesday. I normally do the stop motion on a Tuesday.

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The production line takes about a day. This is why I can only upload the video by Wednesday.

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I do the voices and my brother does the piano. We try to do something of an original type of music.

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I do not even know why. It is best to avoid problems, whenever possible. The first background I photographed features some nice mountain landscapes.

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One segment is a bit of a winter forested area. The other is more desert like. I ended up making some weird looking trees.

I tend to learn by just trying. I have gotten a decent amount of practice with the landscape thing.

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I think it might add some charm to the entire ensemble of Doll Theater. It is a start, but I at least try.

I sometimes ponder if I will ever be able to afford a Popovy doll. Not with this economy, I can tell you that much.

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I suppose there are some things that cannot be helped. It is easier to soldier on forward, if one accepts reality.

I do not want to bog you down, with my nonsense. The next background I wanted to show you is a movable one.

I can open and close the windows and also the doors. I made 3 doors for the little dolls. Each one is based on height.

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To save on space, I painted all my backgrounds on both sides. I painted some nice flowers on the windows.

I painted the backgrounds with glitter and everything. I hope you find the backgrounds and the future doll theater episodes amusing.

I am still waiting on the new ballerina bjd doll.   

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