Much Ado about the Red Rose Bush

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Much Ado about the Red Rose Bush

It has been like forever since I saw the red bush bloom. I do not know what is happening to it. I don’t know if it is a water issue, or spores or whatnot. I think it might be fungi. I am still not too certain about it. For now, I am going to try soapy water, that is said to be a good fungicide.

I could buy some actual anti-fungal product, but we are trying to clear some debt. There is also the Tax man to consider. It is usually around this time that the whole tax thing has to be done. As of lately, I have not been in a going out type of mood. Everything just seems terribly expensive, and not worth the money spent on it.

We could also go to places, but they also pale in comparison to the nice home with the nice bed. It took me a bit to fall asleep. The stupid violin from the Telenovela got me thinking sad thoughts. It took a bit to get rid of all those negative emotions.

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I suppose people might say that it is healthy to express them. I am not a fan of that idea. It is best to only allow oneself to feel good emotions, and to not even entertain the bad ones. Negative thoughts and emotions are like poison, and it is no good to drink poison.

So, alas, I am always trying to find little projects here and there in order not to think. I am not too keen on thinking about the past, nor the future. Both do not inspire me too much confidence as things stands. Other than my brother and mother, I do not have anyone else in the world.

I could try to make some new friends, but it doesn’t seem like it is worth the effort. It coincides with my general thoughts about the future, and so, I do not even try, because I assume it is going to end in failure. Most of the people I have ever met have been complete disappointments.

This is why I only bother with plants these days. Pay me no mind, to my nonsense. I am writing this for myself, just to get the negative thoughts out of the head. I hope at least that you like the nice rose photos. I hope that you at least live in a world that has a hopeful, future outlook. Sadly, this is not my reality.  

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