Much Ado About Wahoo Bar and Grill

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Much Ado About Wahoo Bar and Grill

Today, I am feeling a little bit hungry. It seemed like a good a time as any to talk about this food place. I would not mind going there again this weekend. The main issue is that mother is usually the one who drives. I do not want to force her to drive pretty far away.

The place is in Islamorada. Last week, we were thinking of were to go. We had two options. We could either go North or South. We decided to go South. It was a good decision. Everyone was like in Miami Beach last week. They were there to have fun and to see the parade.

There was not a lot of Traffic going South. Along the way, we ran into more Traffic. There was a silly Farmer’s Market going on in the Keys. This caused us to spend about 1 hours in one specific spot. This restaurant is after a theater that has a giant shell.

It is not too noticeable on the map. We did not remember the name of the place. We thought Irma had destroyed the bar and grill. The restaurant is still in one piece. There was a second one too. You can go to the bar or to the Buffet. Either way, you get plenty of fish.

Frankly, I prefer eating at the bar. The lady managing it was pleasant. We gave her a 40 bucks tip. The food is a little bit pricy, with each plate being 20 something bucks, on average. Still, the quality is what matters. We have to wait a bit to return.

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If we visit a place too much, we get bored of the food. This brings me back to the food here. The main photo is the dish I ate. The shrimps were all pretty big, and fresh. It is fun to eat freshly, fished food. The fries were also rather yummy. One thing, do not order a soda.

Since it is a bar, most people do not order sodas. It is best to stick with water, or a virgin drink. My brother drank a Pina Colada. My mother had her margarita with Patrone. The first one she drank was amassing. I know cause she commented on it. The weather was just perfect.

There were a lot of cute people hanging out in the place. It has a nice mood around the edges. The second photo features a snapper, I think. It was what mother and bro ate. He even munched on the fish’s head. He found all parts of it real yummy. It was pretty gross hearing about it.

It is a good thing I was not seeing him eat. After eating, we headed down to the docks to roost there for a bit. Mother had her nap, while we played Pokemon Go. You can find the place by the pokestops. It has two gyms and about 6 pokestops. It has been a week and I do not remember it well.

So, if you like Pokemon Go or yummy fish, then Wahoo is the place to visit. I hope you like the photos relating this place. This is about it as far as my ramblings are concerned. I normally do not do reviews of places anymore. Still, I did take some decent photos, so I might as well be thematic.

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