My New Doll Chateau Lilian the Kid

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My New Doll Chateau Lilian the Kid

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Today arrived my Pre-Ordered Doll Chateau Faun doll. It isn’t every day that a little faun or satyr goes on sale. It is refreshing that Doll Chateau experiments with the shape and form of the dolls.

Normal looking dolls are just boring. This bjd doll is not only unique looking, but she has a very pretty face. She truly does sale the goat look. I named the doll Lilian the Kid.

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It was either Lilian or Billy. Kid makes references to her goat like facial features. I ordered the full set. This included the body blushing and the tattoos. Since I pre-ordered the doll, she was cheaper.

The downside was that I had to wait a while to get the doll. On average, it takes 6 to 9 months for that company to finish the doll. I ordered the doll through Denver’s Doll Emporium.

 artsy sister, bjd doll unboxing, bjd dolls

They managed the ordered to my satisfaction. They also answer the phone when you call them. This is nice. You know how it is with pre-orders. It is important to exercise patience, but it is worth it to get the doll looking just the way you want to.

Officially, I now have 3 Doll Chateau Dolls. The body of this one is different from the typical Doll Chateau cuties. Aside from the goat aspects, she is more or less anatomically correct. Her head is the same size as ¼ bjd dolls.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, photoshoot

She wears the same wig size as my Dollmore BJD Dolls. She can also wear the same undergarments.

The full set was designed to come without undergarments. She is an artsy doll after all.

 artsy sister, doll chateau, new dolls

Regardless, I found her a set of undies that fit her well, without covering up her sweet tattoos. Dressing up the doll was a simple task.

She only came with sleeves and a jacket. The hard part was putting on the horns and the ears. Both come with magnets to help you attach them to the head.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, doll chateau

The magnets were particularly strong. However, the ones for the horns were difficult to put on. I tried first to put them inside the head.

 artsy sister, doll chateau doll, new dolls

They attached just fine, until I added the wig. The wig created too much distance between both magnets.

To solve this problem, I had to put on the magnets outside the head. I attached them with that blue sticky thing that comes with the eyeballs of the dolls.

 artsy sister, doll chateau, bjd dolls

The wig hides them well. The next thing I had to figure out where the ears. I tried different eat positions. In the end, I settled for a natural placement.

 artsy sister, bjd doll, bjd dolls

In the product photograph of the doll, the ears are much higher placed. I feel that they look better where I ended up placing them.

artsy sister, doll chateau, bjd dolls

The point is that you can put the horns wherever you think they look best. Once the doll was good to go, I took some preliminary photos.

 artsy sister, doll chateau bjd, bjd dolls

Her body poses well. She can stand well on her two hoofs. As we all know, goats have a great sense of balance.

 artsy sister, doll chateau, bjd dolls

I hope you find amusing the unboxing photographs, as well as the pictures the dressing of the new doll. Officially, I am up to 13 bjd dolls.

 artsy sister, doll chateau, handmade dolls

It is indeed quite the impressive collection of dollies. This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Happy Doll Hunting, everyone.

 artsy sister, doll chateau, handmade dolls

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