My Three Watercolor Painting Landscape

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My Three Watercolor Painting Landscape

I got my vaccinated yesterday. I went with my brother to the local Publix. The vaccine I took is the Moderna one. Mother took the same, and so I assumed that it would work well for us.

There was a slight waiting time. I had to sit there for an hour, whining to get my turn. The lady who gave me the vaccine did a good job. I did not felt the needle come into my skin.

It certainly goes to shoe that practice makes perfect. Any fellow who practices a lot gets good at just about anything. So far, the only thing that bothers me is the shoulder.

It feels like somebody punched it, and did not remove the fist. Other than that, everything is like super mellowed out. I have been working hard on the gardening thing.

The rain comes and goes, and the pumpkin patch is growing. I think I may have overplanted the patch. I am going to have to see how to train the pumpkins as they spread out of the planter.

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One day at a time I suppose. I think this brings me to my watercolor paintings. They are basic watercolor landscape. One is based on a photo I saw online. The other two beach ones are some photos I took.

One was taken in Key West, and the other is a photo I took in Miami Beach. It was a long time ago, and then I decided to make this watercolor painting. I have been developing a bit of a watercolor fab.

I am getting quite decent with the medium. It saves me a lot of paint. From time to time, I look at dolls online. I am seeing what new BJD Dolls I am going to add to my collection.

I still have another doll I can buy this year. I want to make her a cool one. She will hopefully make a decent addition to Doll Theater. I have also been practicing a bit my people photography using the dolls.

The new book is progressing at a snail’s pace. I at least have 20,000 words into the new book. I think it is about halfway done. This is about it for now. I hope you find my three simple watercolor paintings amusing.

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