Pouring Paintings with Black, Green and Gold Backgrounds

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Pouring Paintings with Black, Green and Gold Backgrounds

Most folks just stick to classical white pouring painting backgrounds. It is just easy to work with. White paint is like super cheap.

artsy sister, pouring painting, teresita blanco

Sometimes you see black backgrounds, but not often other colors. I mainly used black backgrounds for these sets of acrylic pouring paintings.

flower pouring, artsy sister, acrylic painting

They where useful for making the colors stand out. Colors tend to look a bit more muted when placed against white backgrounds.

 artsy sister, pouring painting, teresita blanco

So, if you are working with patterns a black, or any other colorful background might be useful. This time, I did not do a video tutorial.

 artsy sister, pouring painting, acrylic painting

I am not a big fan of repeating myself. I try to keep things fresh, with a PH. I prepared a lot of pouring paints. I was trying to use us some of the black paint I had mixed.

artsy sister, pouring painting, patterns

I have all my pouring paints pre-mixed inside ketchup bottles. For photography purposes, I like to photograph the painting before it dries.

IT may have a bit of a ripple effect, but it doesn’t matter too much in the long run. With pouring paintings, it is a bit of a mess how the color might shift. It might look great on paper.

pouring painting, floral painting, artsy sister

Still, it might dry to an ugly, murky mess. As of lately, I have been a little focused on getting the books published. The last Saturnastra book is done. It is currently in the editing progress.

Once it is good to Go, you will see it in the homepage. I tend to do free book promos on the Kindle, whenever they let me. So, you can check out my final book as soon as it is ready.

 artsy sister, flower painting, pouring painting

The manga The Furies is also slowly progressing. It is going to last as long as I come up with funny plot ideas for it. There is not like a final end goal for it. Now, back to the silly paintings.

I did not put too much thought into these paintings. The final ones I came up with an interesting idea. I did a cool looking spider type of flowers. I just followed the puddle painting progress.

artsy sister, pouring painting, teresita blanco

Instead of swirling it around, I grabbed a needled and then I pulled the paint to give it those nice spider patterns. You can do a lot of fun effects with the paint that is still wet.

In the green pouring painting, I combined puddle painting with the swipe technique. I first used two different hues of green for the background. I then swiped them together to create cells for the background.

artsy sister, acrylic painting, pouring painting

Afterwards, I added the droplets of paint. I then pulled the paint with a needle starting from the center of the bubble. It formed quite the lovely spider like patterns.

 artsy sister, acrylic painting, abstract art

I have been placing most of my paintings in the same wall. The wall is going to be serving as a background for my video rants. Folks like interesting looking backgrounds, I have also been trying to change up my outfit, per video.

I don’t go out much. Mom always liked for me to dress in a decent fashion. She buys for me all my dresses. I never had an active role in what I wore. If it was up to me, I would be wearing pajamas all the time.

artsy sister, teresita blanco, abstract art

I was never a fan of constricting clothing like pants, or jeans. The diet thing is progressing, even with the fact that we ate pizza, spaghetti and chicharron this week.

Chicharron is best eaten with beer or Soda. For those not familiar with the food, chicharron is basically pork, enough said.

My mouth waters just thinking about them. All in all, I hope you find these pouring paintings of mine amusing. Bye, Bye, and God bless.

artsy sister, teresita blanco, flower painting

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