Punta Cana Bahia Principe Hotel Pool

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Punta Cana Bahia Principe Hotel Pool

Thinking a bit about it, I think this was the pool of the turquoise. All the hotels in the vicinity had identical rooms. I know because we took a tour of the place. I would not call it a real tour. The douche only showed us a single room. He then spent the rest of the time trying to get us to get a timeshare. The lesson of the day is that when the guy says he will only take an hour, he means 5.

He knew tourists are not the rude type of people. Our politeness kept us there bored, for hours. I do not want to go on about that boring experience. I do not want to bored you. The photo here features a nice looking pool. It was the cleanest one in the entire hotel system. People there kept staring at us because we did not respect the pool restrictions. Nobody seemed eager to tell us to move along. It is not as if we were doing anything terrible. We found a ball while there. We played a bit of catch. We then left it where we found it.

We were not too keen on taking it with us. We barely have enough room for stuff as it is. The hot tub was not hot at all. It got ruined because some people were rude enough to throw up on it. They came in there just to mess up the pool. I do not know why people don’t have the decency to throw up behind a bush. They think it is better to mess up the water. I will not go on about it. I think it was just our bad karma catching up.

Mother did the same bad joke in Mexico. I also threw up directly on top of a bunch of tourists when I was in a boat ride. The poor people got off early from the boat and they were left alone. The boat was not able to dock so we had to park in a different dock. Needless to say, never take on a tour from a cruise ship. It is easier and cheaper to wander about on your lonesome. The ships are usually super cheap when it comes to excursions.

This is enough with traveling and whatnot. Today, we are trying to complete our manga. I am working on making a new front cover. The manga is The Power Project the Furies. Amazon is going to publish it. We are just ironing out the wrinkles to set the little project running. We are also changing the dialogue a bit to make it funnier. I fear that the first volume was a tad boring. I think the manga is only for mature audience. We have far too many odd jokes here and there. Still, we do not have any tantalizing scenes as far as I can remember.

Still, I do have some annoying jokes here and there. My brother is the one who notices them. They are mainly visual. Once you see them, you will get them. The first volume we are going to split into two. It is going to make it easier and cheaper to sell the main volumes. The manga as a whole is action comedy. Even when we are fighting, there are some jokes in the background in the form of battle parodies and references. So, look forward to the publication of our first manga.

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