Red Head Barbie in 80s Rewind Black Dress

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Red Head Barbie in 80s Rewind Black Dress

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This is my new Barbie photoshoot. My red head Barbie is sporting the dress of my rewind doll.

She does look pretty cool with it. Since she has a lot of hair, it just looks like the 80s. I like her read hair a lot. I like red hair in general. I could dye my hair, but it just sounds like too much of a bother.

I do not like spending money on hair products. I just use the 2 bucks shampoo you find in the local Publix.

It gets the job done more or less. Anyhow, the doll does pose nicely. I hope that she makes you smile. 

Don’t forget to check out the video in my Artsy Sister Youtube channel. It is the one that has more than 100,000 subscribers.

The others are just imitating. Won’t the real Artsy Sister please stand up?

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