Scary Cat Getting Out of Bed Raw Anime Drawing

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Scary Cat Getting Out of Bed Raw Anime Drawing

This is a nice anime drawing of mine. It is a scene from my Scary Cat kids books. Filipa is getting out of bed. Since it was the first volume, I described her daily routine. The second volume is on the woodworks.

We are editing the pages a bit on the computer. It is really hard to take a good scan of the drawing. Good scanners cost money. The main issue is the whites. The more whites, the harder is the page to manage. I found this problem in the first volume.

For the second volume, I reduced the whites in the page to the bare minimum. It made taking photos of my drawing a lot easier. Now, as for the drawing itself, it features Scary Cat’s bedroom. The painting on the wall is the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

I drew enough of it for you to notice the detail. I doubt most people will recognize it without seeing the whole painting. You can tell a lot about the character based on their bedroom. Everything looks really neat.

This means that Filipa’s mother is a neat freak, and she does not allow her kids to create any clutter. I liked the yellows, and the pinks I added. They had a nice happy feel to them. As far as kitties are concerned, they all usually have blue eyes. Once they get older, they produce melanin, and then their true eye color appears.

Filipa is already an older kitty. For that reason, she has her signature green eyes. The most common eye colors are greenish gold, or just regular gold. I need to add more cats with golden eye colors. Still, I prefer green. I thought it would draw you more into the eyes of the cat.

It also contrasts with her standard, Tux cat coloration. Her mother has more of a Calico type of coloring. You can see in the corner some of the pitched dialogue. The drawing itself was made with markers, pens and coloring pencils.

I would specify a brand, but you can get a good idea of what I use in my Artsy Sister’s Choice Collection prominently featured in the homepage. It took about two days to draw. I first drew everything with a pen, and then I added the colors. I think this is about it, as far as my drawing is concerned.

I hope you find my drawing Amusing. If you like what you see, you can get the scary cat book in the Kindle Store, or in my homepage. The book is called Scary Cat and the Search for the Oohh.

You can also google my books, under my true human name Teresita Blanco. I was at first thinking of a fake name, like that J.K. Rowling girl. In the end, I choose to use my own name. It makes it a little hard to work in the English market, since a lot of English speakers are allergic to foreign lady names.

I tend to do better in the Spanish market. It is a real pity since I wrote all my books originally in English. I am not going to continue on that direction. My name is what it is. If you are not going to take me seriously because of my name, then I don’t know what else to do.

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