St. Patrick’s Day Anime Drawing

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St. Patrick’s Day Anime Drawing

I made a new drawing. St. Patrick’s Day was coming up, and I was bored and so I made this drawing. I thought it would be a funny type of drawing. It features a Leprechaun lady.

I personally do not like drawing dudes that much. I am capable of doing so, but I just don’t feel like it. In the old painting years, a person was considered a skillful painter if they rendered women well.

So, there you have it. I am more skilled as an artist because I can draw women, that look like real women. The holiday in its religious sense is about St. Patrick getting rid of all the snakes of Ireland.

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In the US, it is just a day to see parades, and to dress green. If you see a fellow not wearing green, you are supposed to pinch them till they wear green, or they turn green with rage.

Folks tend to drink a little bit too much. It is all fun and games. As for me, I do not do anything interesting in particular. I just thought that drawing a girly Leprechaun was a good subject matter.

It is like super easy as such. In this drawing, I show you all the key elements needed to render a Leprechaun lady. There is also the rainbow aspect. I decided to add that element when I was rendering the drawing.

I have been trying to add simple backgrounds to all my drawings. It is a nice change of pace, as all.

Along with the drawing, I also made a video showing you how to go about it. I hope you find both the video and the drawing amusing. Bye, Bye, and God bless.  

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