Stop Motion Peg Doll Animation

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Stop Motion Peg Doll Animation

In this video, I added two other instruments to the music. I added the guitar and a whistle.

I can whistle just fine. Now, it seems like a no brainer to add it to the music of Doll Theater.

The video does not have a plot per say. I am just making little peg dolls dance, and I thought it was amusing.

Since the peg dolls have different colors, in the second half of the number, I started focusing on a specific color. I started with red, and then I tried other colors.

I did the video on my glass table, due to its reflective aspects. I thought it added to the weird dream like quality of it. It was pretty hard doing a stop motion with so many moving elements.

The video took longer to make. This is why I ended up publishing the video today. It is hard coming up with original music. It is even harder when you can barely play the piano.

It is even worse when you can't play the guitar. I can whistle a tune just fine, you know. I need to practice a bit more. I am not too certain about adding the guitar thing. If the noise bothers you, just play the stop motion video on mute.

On the background, put whatever music you think it needs. I think this is about it as far as my nonsense is concerned. There is a new bjd doll on the way. I can't wait to make a video with the new dolly.

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