The Furies Volume 2 Front Cover Painting

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The Furies Volume 2 Front Cover Painting

I was going to show you my new gardening photos. Instead, I am going to show you my new painting. I finally got around to completing it. It took longer than I had anticipated. The problem was the fancy curtain and bed sheets. Just putting a bit of pattern is enough to delay any project. As of now, we have the first volume published on Amazon.

From time to time, we get new directives to have some errors fixed. Publishing mangas takes a little longer than publishing books. We did not have that problem with the Chiblia because it did not have any dialogue. We better remember that for the near future. The good thing about a wordless manga is that we do not need to waste money with translations.

If the pictures speak for themselves the reader can make up his own dialogue. I came up with the idea that one time when I read a comic by Lynd Ward. He was a pretty famous comic book artist of the 40s and 50s. These days very few people mention his name. Still, you should check them out from time to time. I think some of his earlier works are now license free.

They would make good movie making material. This is not assuming that someone beat you to the punch. This all makes me think of many projects that work either for movies or TV shows. These days book businesses are designed after Franchises. The only prolonged project that I enjoy is my own. I rarely have enough attention span to see other people’s works.

There are a couple of notable exceptions to this rule. As of lately, we have gotten into watching soap operas. The one in Telemundo called La Sultana is not half bad. It is mildly entertaining, with very few scenes of romance. It is more about political intrigue and whatnot. Most of the main cast is already dead. This makes me think that unless they introduce new characters, these might be final episodes.

Then again, Brazilian novels tend to last at least 6 months. They got to bleed out all those episodes for all they are worth. What does this have to do with my painting? Absolutely nothing. I do sometimes get a bit distracted. I start thinking: Why, oh why did I add new plants during the winter months? I am a bit worried about them. I would go check. However, this would require going outside, and it is rather windy.

I am half afraid to get wet. Still, the couple that I can see from my window look alright. As for the painting, it was drawn with ink, watercolor and alcohol markers. You can find all these art supplies in my online store. Hopefully, you will be able to make some semblance of progress with your won works. For now, I am going to call it a day. It is Sunday and I got places to be. Mainly, I am going to play Spyro a bit.

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