Too Good Gourmet Cookie Review

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Too Good Gourmet Cookie Review

I was bored and so I ordered a bunch of cookies. One of them came a bit delayed, but it finally got home. In this photo, I show you all the cookies I tried. I also made a silly 5 minute video of me eating the cookies.

I thought it would be somewhat amusing. I am just a bored, and hungry artsy sister. I wanted to do a new video with ice cream flavors from Haagen-Dazs.

When we went to buy it at the Publix, they only had 3 flavors. Can you believe it? I suppose there are some things that cannot be helped.

I am going to store the others in the refrigerator, till we can get more tiny ice creams for the video. On the meantime, you can enjoy my silly cookie review.

I had decided to get the cookies when my mother bought a gift basket for a friend. The basket came with some wines and a gift basket.

We liked the content of the basket so much, that we kept it. In the end, she gave him 3 wine bottles and called it a day.

artsy sister, too good gourmet, cookie review

Among the items in the basket, we found some Too Good Gourmet cookies. They where real nice, and sweet, and so I decided to order a bunch of them.

They were only like 65 bucks. It was a fair price to pay for the variety. As for the ice cream idea, I think I am going to need to broaden the horizons.

Haagen-Dazs mainly deals with varieties of Chocolate ice cream. I never did like chocolate. I suppose I could focus on flavors.

Maybe make it about nonchocolate ice creams, and how they combine well. Yes, that certainly could be a fun idea. I could get different ones, from different types of folks.

artsy sister, cookie reviews, too good gourmet

What matters is the flavor, after all. Well, this is what I think about when I am in the middle of a diet. It is like super hard not to think about food, 24/7. Anyhow, I hope you find this little foodie blog amusing.

Of all the cookies I tried, I like the one show by my doll the best. The gummy worms were nice as well. Bye, Bye, and God bless.

Teresita Blanco Over and out. My new doll is finally in transit. So, finger’s cross and lets see how quickly it arrives to the States.

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