When Life Gives you  a Lemon Tree you Plant it

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When Life Gives you a Lemon Tree you Plant it

This is the photo I took of my lemon tree. I planted it in the winter, before the nonsense started. You know what I am referring to. I do not want to bum people out. Mother has been asking me to stay at home more often than usual. I just hope for a bit of rain, so that the plants don’t start dying on me.

At least there is some semblance of security because of where we live. I live in a rural area, and so, there are not a lot of plague people. I just want things to end, so that everything can return to business as usual. I miss hanging out with my pretty plants as all.

Some are looking rather photogenic, but I should limit the amount of time I spend outside. We bought some stamps today to send stuff. They are like super expensive. I don’t know when that happened. I do not feel too awe inspired lately. If it wasn’t for that silly Animal Crossing game, I would be like super worried.

All in all, I am just waiting for the time to pass. The lemon tree is not going to produce real lemons for a while. I think this is about it as far as my nonsense goes. I hope you like this nice photo of the lemon tree. I haven’t been able to get much writing done, cause my folks stay up like super late making noise.  

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