A Lazy Afternoon in Key West

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A Lazy Afternoon in Key West

This is about the second blog about Key West. The first one just focused on the Parrot Keys. This one is more about Key West. On the first day, we spent it trying to get to the hotel.

The second day when we went home. Before heading back, we explored a bit Key West. It was quite crowded, but the folks were sporting masks. Key West is pretty clean, and there have not been deaths in months.

In that place, it almost felt like life had gone back to normal. I wish things were nice again. I have been pondering a bit on how the vaccination thing is going. 

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 I was thinking about that nonsense, a bit while wandering about. Anyhow, back to Key West.

A good number of stores where closed. Still, the main ones were doing just fine. I first visited the Butterfly Conservatory. I did an entire video about it.

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I did not take photos cause I was like video oriented. I entered there around early noon. All the butterflies were awake, and flying about. The highlight was the Blue Morpho butterflies.

I learned about them from Animal Crossing. The place was marked in Pokemon Go. Still, the pokestop did not do the place justice. There was a lot more than just a gift shop.

For 10 bucks or so, you can see all the butterflies in the reserve. The money gathered there goes to feeding the little bugs. A good number of folks left cause they did not want to cough up the dough.

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It is a pity that folks expect things for free. You have to pay to support the things you like. Which reminds me, if you like my work do get the cheapest item of my affiliate store, Artsy Sister.

In the gift shop, you can get some jewelry, some knickknacks, and some preserved butterfly specimens. Butterflies don’t live long, and after they mate and deposit their eggs they usually drop dead.

After they die, their carcasses remain very beautiful. With a bit of preservatives, you can use the lovely butterfly as decoration. All in all, it was a fun visit despite the fact that I have a bug phobia.

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It is not that I hate bugs. I just don’t like it when they step on me. They do not respect my personal space. Anyhow, I made a video about the place. I am going to post it here.

When the short tour was concluded, we roamed a bit the Keys. We eventually ate at a beach restaurant. I forget the name of it. I am going to make a video about the roaming as well.

I visited a couple of art shops. We did not buy anything cause it maybe 2021, but it still feels like 2020. In the restaurant, we ate some nice food here and there.

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I ate tacos and French fries. It was an odd combination. The tacos had chicken. With the meal concluded, we wandered about some more. Eventually, mother felt tired of walking.

We returned to the car in order to drive back home. Mother usually insists on driving all the time. She is unable to feel safe when my fish brother person is driving.

As for me, she never lets me drive, not that I mind. I was never a driving car type of person. I think the last time I drove a car was when I got my driver’s license. I am just exaggerating a little.

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There is no point to driving much since there is no where to go. At least, Key West is a decent place to visit. On certain dates, there are parades in Key West.

So, if you like seeing folks parading and so forth, Key West is a good place to visit. Depending on how this year goes, I might be able to make some videos about it.

On the meantime, enjoy the Butterfly Conservatory, and a video of me roaming about. The photos are from my last visit to Key West. They were taken in 2019. The place has not changed much, except that folks wear masks now.

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There are also fewer open shops. It made me want to open up my own gimmick shop there. This is assuming that I ever move to Key West.

For the time being, I am fine were I currently live. I think this is enough information about my trips to Key West. I hope you find the videos I took amusing.

They are going to get embed here as soon as I finish them. For now, I will only have the butterfly video. The second one will get done when it gets done. Bye, Bye and God bless.

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