Islamorada Nature Photography Travel

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Islamorada Nature Photography Travel

I wanted to show you some of the cute flower photos I took.

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I was in Islamorada for a bit, and I got to take a lot of nice photos of cute flowers.

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Most of them were taken in the Theater of the Sea. The place had a lot of cute flowers, especially orchids.

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There were not a lot of bees or mosquitoes. I guess the mutant mosquitoes managed to drop the regular mosquito population.

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Yes, Florida does have mutant mosquitoes. It is a more “natural” solution to the mosquito problem.

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It is a good alternative to fumigation. All joking aside, the Florida Keys is a good place for nature walking.

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There is a lot of nice things to look at, including crocodiles and sharks. It has been a while since I traveled for a bit.

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As far as a vacation, the trip to Islamorada provided me with something new to talk about.

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Aside from looking at flowers, I have been brainstorming a new book around the edges. I also started to translate to Spanish another one of my books.

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Hopefully, I will finish that task in a month or two. I also took a few new photos of my doll.

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I will show you the second part of my bjd doll photoshoot tomorrow. For now, I hope you like my new floral photography photoshoot.

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I took all of them with my cellphone camera. This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, Bye and God bless.   

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