Lucier Acrylic Painting

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Lucier Acrylic Painting

The weekend was more or less eventful. The air conditioner required some repairs, so that took a chuck out of the profits. Other than that, things went peachy. The gardens have been loving the rains. One of my sunflowers is with seed. Fish brother did a lot of weeding, and I did some too. The soil should be ready to receive new sunflower seeds.

The Mexican Sunflowers have been thriving. The butterflies just love them. In the weekend, I did not get too much work done. I did managed to complete manga page. A couple of days ago, I also completed a new painting. I will go more into details once I get around to blogging about it.

It is an acrylic painting, like this one. This painting was born out of a silly idea. I had a pretty coral painting. I then decided to have one with ghostly corals instead. The main character in the painting is called Lucier. She is one of the incidental characters of my fantasy books about Saturn, called Saturnastra. I forget what type of creature she is supposed to be based on.

I remember at the time that it was a type of filter feeder, or sponge. It was a type of sponge that also fed on blood as well. The name is the start of her official scientific name, maybe. It was a long time ago, and you forget things. It is the issue that very few writers have.

Most writers only have very limited things to remember or write about it. I have the complete opposite issue. I am always coming up with new ideas and the like. I am always caught up in between the world of a writer, and of the artist. As far as self-taught artists are concerned, I think I made a pretty interesting painting.

Based on the title, you can tell I painted with acrylics. I first drew the lineart with pencil, and then I added paint over it. You can kinda see the pencil in certain areas. In the old days, I used to add white paint over it, but that took a bit too much time. Now, I just add layers of paint, till the pencil is more or less gone. It does not require too much application.

The corals were painted with Liquitex Gel medium. This allowed for them to protrude forward a bit. I then added silver paint over it. It is not really silver, just silver color. It is a pity that there are no professional grade silver types of paint. Still, you get there with some iridescent professional medium, and a bit of gray. The beads in the background were painted with glitter, mixed with pouring medium.

There are some faint splatters of red in the background. They are also glitter, with pouring medium. They were spread about using a toothbrush. I learned that trick from a book about space art. The book is called Space Art, and you can find it in Artsy’s Choice.

The original Lucier from my book was bald, and pale white. I added a bit of color to her, in order to contrast with the blue background and white foreground. The hair is like those bad weeds that grow on dead corals. The skin is more iridescent, but the glossy varnish kinda makes it hard to see. Always be careful when adding Varnish.

It may swallow up some of the more gimmicky effects, you put on your painting. The painting took about two days to make. It looks a lot bigger than what it actually is. This is due to the fact that I have a really nice camera. It can swell up the sizes of even the most miniscule drawings. The perfect example can be found in my music instrument drawings.

They are about the size of your hand, or should I say my hand. Your hand may be bigger than mine, but I don’t doubt that it has plenty of potential. All it takes to reach my level is practice, and some books help as well. If you are good at drawing, then you are good at painting.

It is just a matter of getting used to using the brush. You already have your hand to eye coordination developed, so there should not be a problem. I think this is about as far as the painting is concerned. I hope you find all  this information somewhat amusing, or at least educational, or something. As a bonus painting, I added a terrible self-portrait. I hope you like.

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